Emphasis with Inversion (Inverze slovesa a podmětu se zdůrazněním)
Negative adverbs (Negativní příslovce) /adverbial expressions
We can put a negative adverb or adverbial expression at the beginning of a clause for emphasis. When we do this, there is inversion of the auxiliary and subject.
Under no circumstances should you share your password with others.
At no time did she consider any other possibility.
Not until she had failed to make contact for over twenty-four hours did they contact the police.

The most common adverbs:
- hardly ever - zřídka
Restrictive words and expressions
We can also put certain restrictive words or expressions at the beginning of the clause for emphasis. We are more likely to use inversion in formal or literary context.
Hardly had I arrived in Paris when I revived a call telling me I had to return home urgently.
No sooner had I sat down to have a cup of tea than the telephone rang.
Seldom have I felt so moved by a piece of orchestral music.
Little did I know that they were planning to replace me as project leader.
Never had his wife looked more beautiful.
Only when I saw him again did I realize just how good a friend he had been.
Not only have you missed several classes, you have also failed to submit all the written work.
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